Short Stories

Broken Wings [Excerpt]

I sat on the old man’s bedside watching his heavy breathing and listening to the uneven rhythm of his heart.  The man was on the verge of falling asleep.  The eternal kind; my favorite kind.  I grinned in anticipation, hoping he wouldn’t be stubborn and keep me waiting.  I lacked such patience.  It wouldn’t be long though with his frail body on the brink of failing.  The room was dreary, accenting the scene of his inevitable death…click here to read more.


Unveiled [Short Fiction]

I put on extra make-up this morning, not feeling quite as beautiful or confident as I usually did. After applying a heavy layer of concealer around my eyes, I forced a smile. And as I was reminded of each and every child that I taught in my 1st grade class; that smile slowly became more genuine…click here to read more.


The “Outlet” [Creative Non-Fiction]

A line of women dressed in their Gucci, Versace, and Dior (among other brands) stand in front of a pair of double doors, attached to an unmarked building.  From the road, the building looks like nothing more than an extension of a warehouse, but these women know the secret treasures that this place holds.  They stand, eager to enter, numbers in hand…click here to read more.


“Not a Good Day” is an Understatement-Part 1 of 2

I sucked in shallow breaths of air as I examined the damage done to my now destroyed car.  I was frozen to that spot, hoping, praying, that this was someone else’s turquoise Honda Civic.  But it was undeniably mine.  Despite the front being completely smashed in by rubble, I could clearly recognize the contents inside my messy vehicle.  I saw the mountains of paperwork and mail on the floor, my basketball and gym bag on the front seat (so much for having a relaxing workout after work), I even made out my little pine tree shaped air freshener on the mirror, which was somehow still attached to the crumpled windshield…click here to read more.

“Not a Good Day” is an Understatement-Part 2 of 2 (click here)


What If Stinkbugs Were Philosophers?

As my friend and I sat inside Chick-fil-A enjoying our chicken and waffle fries, we saw a stinkbug slowly scurrying along a window.  I could only think about how annoying they were.  Invading my home, sitting aloof as I killed them (for some reason I hated that they didn’t even try to run, as if they didn’t value their lives), the sound they made when I witnessed their occasional flight.  These were all things that made them among the most obnoxious bugs I’ve ever seen…click here to read more.


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