Day 5: “That guy looks like a YouTuber I follow!”

Yay to #OOTD!   

 Cool, cool

You know, it’s funny. We started out our vacation with a very vague idea of what we’d be doing while in Cali, instead choosing to wing it. 

And it has been the best decision ever! 

Stop #1: Lunch at the Fisherman’s Outlet 

Highly recommended! My rockfish was delish and so was Katrina’s calamari. Plus, we felt like one of the locals at this little gem.

Stop #2: Little Tokyo

 Honestly, the area wasn’t as vibrant as I expected. But that may have partly been because a lot of the shops were closed. I wouldn’t mind checking it out at night though. 

Maybe hit up the Karoke bar or something. 

Stop #3: Venice Beach 

Of all the beaches that we’ve seen in our short time in Cali, I think Venice Beach may be my favorite.   

The vibe is right and it’s a nice combination of unique sights and natural beauty (with the ocean and mountains). 

At the skate park right off the beach, I think I might have seen Jimmy Tatro too! He’s a YouTuber and also played a pretty big role in 22 Jump Street. 

But, if he doesn’t skate, I guess I just saw a look alike.

A really good look alike.

A doppelgänger, if you will.

…It was definitely him.

And, guess what? 

We finally got our sunset over the ocean! 

Third time’s a charm (though before we were looking for a sunrise and moonrise).


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