Day 4 in L.A.: Light Pollution Killed the Lunar Eclipse 

Started the day with a Strongbow 

And ended the day with Strongballs (Strongbow+Fireball, gotta love it!)

In the middle, came a meet up with an old high school friend. 

Paired with new discoveries for all. 

But, first thing’s first, #OOTD

 Now on with the show!

I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have, but I’ll just have to store the memories away in the ol’ noggin instead.

The view of the city from a high point in Long Beach was one that I regrettably didn’t get.

But we did get some nice shots in Downtown Long Beach.

They were having a car show too. Mustangs everywhere! 

Later on, we went to Huntington Beach & Pier to chill and see the lunar eclipse.

Sadly, once again, our dream of watching a rising over the ocean was dashed when we realized the moon would come up in the direction of…well, light pollution, essentially.

So, it wasn’t quite as beautiful as we would have hoped.


See that red dot? There it is!
But, hey, we saw it!


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