Day 1: “Everyone’s so nice here…well, so far at least”

We made it to the “City of Angels”! 

And, besides some rental car drama, our trip went down without a hitch. 

The airport personnel were pleasant and super helpful at BWI (and at 5:30AM in the morning no less). 

We got to LAX an hour early.

I didn’t have a panic attack from the turbulence on the plane, but instead enjoyed an (overpriced) “signature” cheese & fruit platter along with a good book.  

 Fancy living, I know. 

And our Airbnb spot is adorable!  


 Shortly after arriving at the house, we replaced our jeans with something more suitable for the Cali heat, then headed out for some grub. 

We decided on this spot called Green Peas and the food was definitely on point. They also had a lot of vegan & vegetarian options, which was awesome.  

 Got me a veggie burger with potatoes  

 Who knew a tuna sandwich could taste so good?

After lunch (or, rather, dinner in our East Coast minds), we just did some shopping at Westfield mall.     

And marveled at the concept of buying alcohol at a Target…  

Katrina’s wearing her, “It’s about to go down” face.

One thing  that surprised us about L.A. so far is just how nice everyone has been.

But, maybe we’re just used to B-more rudeness.


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