9 Days in L.A.

A fabulous best friend + A joint2 craving for travel & adventure = A birthday surprise: all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles, California

Who’d a thunk it?


So, if you haven’t guessed already, I’m pretty blessed and lucky to have a friend like, Katrina.

And, in two days time, we’ll be hopping on a plane (scarfing down pills because flying is flipping scary) for 9 days of relaxation, eating yummy food, and just having a BLAST!

I’ll be doing some daily “quick posts” every day that we’re there to share some of the awesome-ness that we’re sure to get into on the West Coast.

Stay tuned!

P.S.  I forgot how much I miss Polaroid cameras!  I can’t wait to bring mine along!

Sorry…my hipster is showing.

If only the film wasn't so expensive & it held more than 10 shots...
If only the film wasn’t so expensive & the camera held more than 10 shots…oh well

5 thoughts on “9 Days in L.A.

    1. We’re definitely going to visit a lot of the touristy places just because it’ll be our first time there (like seeing the Hollywood sign & Chinese theater). But I know I want to go to Little Tokyo, maybe do the TMZ tour, and go to the Museum of Death. Other than that, we’re winging it ^_^

      1. Alhambra is a eatery paradise for Asian food. Pasadena has some cultural sites to see, such as the Gamble House, and the Pacific Asian Museum. LA in general is soo huge you’ll need to see if there are any local festivals and what not.

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