Forever 21, Forever Shrinking

It was a normal Sunday afternoon of laundry.  The whites were in one pile and the darks were in the other.  Everything seemed to be business as usual.

I threw my first load in the washing machine, followed by the dryer without incident (and honestly in my house that’s a miracle, especially when someone else wants to use it too).

But then, disaster struck…

I pulled my whites out of the dryer and found one of my new shirts two sizes smaller.  I cursed under my breath, smacking my forehead like in one of those V8 commercials.  Duh, of course I should’ve just hung it to dry instead of risking the dreaded dryer, serial murderer of so many of my clothes.

laundry_myths_shrunk_clothes_183oopi-183oopkWith a sigh, I ended up giving that shirt away to one of my smaller friends.  But I loved it so much that I bought another one from Forever 21.  And when it was time to wash that shirt, I was prepared.

I washed it in the machine then pulled it out, prepared to hang it up.  That’s when I noticed, that this shirt had also shrunk two sizes as well after being washed in cold water.

“What the heck is going on?!” I thought, angrily searching the wet garment for the tag with washing instructions.

I was surprised to see the tag read, “HAND WASH COLD.”  Now, this is a cotton shirt from Forever 21, not some fancy, delicate piece of clothing knitted by hand.  Why would I even think to wash it by hand?

I let it slide though and accepted the loss of another shirt.  But then, I started noticing some of my other new shirts from Forever 21 shrinking (they were having a big sale so I had just bought a lot from their store).  And all the labels on these shirts read, “HAND WASH COLD.”

Now, I’ve been shopping at Forever 21 for years and have NEVER had to hand wash anything from that store.  Either the quality has increased (haha!) or they are selling clothing made so cheaply that they can’t even handle a wash in the machine.

Not the dryer, but the washing machine and in cold water!

Forever 21 has always been a go-to place for me when it came to finding cute and decent priced clothing.  But, it’s a big turnoff to have to hand wash a fairly basic cotton shirt (or whatever it may be) from that store.

What if I keep buying from there?  Soon, I’ll have whole loads of clothes that need to be hand washed.  And, to top it off, the prices seemed to have increased quite a bit over the years, which would be fine (eh, I guess) if the quality stayed the same.

So, from now on, I think I’ll cross Forever 21 from my shopping destinations or, if I just can’t stay away, I’ll at least look at the washing instructions before I buy in hopes that some things aren’t “HAND WASH ONLY.”

What about you?  Have you seen any quality changes recently at Forever 21 or any other store where you shop?

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6 thoughts on “Forever 21, Forever Shrinking

  1. I remember shopping at Forever 21 a lot when I was in high school. But over time, Forever 21 has slowly began to fade off my list all together. Their quality has always been great for me. Not sure if that same great quality still resides today because I haven’t shopped there in forever, lol. I do still have a lot of my old Forever 21 shirts, pants, skirts, and etc. All my clothes still fit perfectly and whatever looks delicate, I hang up. So there could be a possible of change in quality from 2004-2008 VS 2013.

  2. UGH!! I just bought a ton of stuff from there and when I went to do laundry tonight I couldn’t help but notice some of the tops tags said hand wash!! WTF this is pretty upsetting!

  3. I know this post is older but I just bought my first clothes from Forever 21 not even thinking about washing care, except for a fine cardigan that will obviously need a gentle wash. But I got two tops both basic and not colourful or decorated in the slightest. At first I wasn’t even going to look at the labels but did for some odd reason. I’m glad I did. Both are hand wash only. I swore I’d read them wrong but there it was in English, and the little label symbol.

    I work with small children so if they think I’m going to be have the time, firstly, or the effort to remove stains from clothes by hand then they are mistaken. Will see how it goes now I have them but won’t bye making the mistake of buying the cheaper clothes if I can’t even wash them.

  4. My daughter is getting old enough that she wanted to shop at forever 21. We bought a few shirts and a romper. I took the items home and washed them and everything shrunk so small that she is not going to be able to wear them. And they make sure to tell you when checking out that if the tags aren’t on the clothes you can’t return them. We will not be shopping at forever 21 again. Hard to believe this store is still in business.

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