The Murder of the Polka-Dot Dress: Birthday Blues

It was a lovely Friday morning and I woke up to text messages and Facebook notifications from people wishing me a “Happy Birthday.”  I just knew it was going to be a good day.

I already knew what I was going to wear too.  In fact, I sent a dress to the dry cleaners at the beginning of the week because I planned to wear it on my birthday.  So, after I woke up, I threw on a jacket (still wearing my nightclothes) to pick up my dress, along with another dress that I hadn’t had dry cleaned in a while because it hadn’t gotten stained yet.

When I arrived at the dry cleaners, I gave the woman my receipt and the first thing she said was, “oooooh….”

“Oh?” I thought, “What is that supposed to mean?”

Then she brought over my favorite dress (not the one that I planned on wearing that day, mind you, but my favorite nonetheless) and sat it on the counter in front of me.  My heart had already dropped as she was bringing it over because it wasn’t pressed and wrapped up all nice in that clear plastic.  In broken English, she tried to explain what happened, but all I could see was my favorite, polka-dot Marc Jacobs dress ruined before my eyes.

Without even realizing it, I was crying.  This was my favorite dress!  And there aren’t too many things that I deem as my favorite because I’m such a picky person.

I told her that I couldn’t understand what she was saying, as she was telling me what happened, so she called her son (who sounded half-sleep) to translate.  He told me that they got the solution too close to a stain on the dress and it got messed up.  Then they tried to cover it up with blue dye and made it worse, which was why it was ripped.

photo 1
The pictures don’t really show just how bad it was ripped. Either way it’s ruined…

photo 2

I told them that it was an expensive dress (around the $400-$500 range) that my mom bought for me and he said that we could negotiate compensation.  Now, since I’m such a passive person who is more likely to get ripped off, I told them that I wanted to consult with my mother first.

Even at the age of 23, I see her as my knight in shining armor in these types of situations.  She ended up taking the reins from this point on and I went off to work feeling a bit blue.  I was so upset that I didn’t even pick up the other dress that I was planning on wearing that day!

Now, this is where I started to go from upset to downright angry.  My mom goes to the place and named her price for the dress.  Since my mom lives in the world of high fashion, she knows what practically everything (that’s worth anything) is worth and how to find it.  We’ve never had a problem with that dry cleaner before, so she asked for $200, which I think was more than reasonable since it’s an older dress (we also looked and they don’t sell it anymore sadly, so I won’t be able to get a new one).

When she named her price, all of a sudden it was my fault that the dress got ruined.  Their whole story changed!  They said that there was already blue dye on the dress when they received it and that they even took a picture of it.  First off, why the hell would you randomly take a picture of the dress?  Do you take pictures of all the items you dry clean?  Secondly, if for some odd reason there was dye on it and you thought it might cause a problem, WHY WOULD YOU DRY CLEAN IT?!  I might have been born on October 4th, but I wasn’t born yesterday (or on Friday, in this cause).

It made me so angry that they would change up their story and not just own up to it, pay the price, and go on with their lives.  My mom was considering small claims court, but one of her friends just said that she should just take the $120 (that my mom had to pull teeth for them to agree to) and tell them they lost two customers over $80.  And my mom goes to that dry cleaners a lot too.

I feel like I’m constantly realizing just how many people don’t want to pay the price for their actions.  It seems so simple in my mind: you make a mistake, you pay the price.  But everyone wants to lie instead and try to get over on you.

 Just a few months ago, my aunt and uncle got in an accident when I was in the car.  The girl was around 17 years old and admitted to making a mistake.  Then her parents came around and her whole story changed.  It was ridiculous!

Anyway, if anyone reading this lives in Owings Mills/Randallstown, MD and wants to go somewhere with integrity DON’T go to:

King’s Valet Cleaners

9972 Liberty Road

Randallstown, MD 21133

R.I.P Polka-Dot Dress:



3 thoughts on “The Murder of the Polka-Dot Dress: Birthday Blues

    1. I’m not really one to write bad reviews unless I truly have a problem with a place. Everyone makes mistakes, but I hate that everyone isn’t willing to own up/pay for their mistakes. To top it off, they still charged me $10 for the other dress that didn’t get messed up.

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