The Pursuit of Healthiness

The pursuit of being healthy can be compared to rock climbing up a steep mountain.  At the beginning, you’re doing pretty well and have decent footing as you climb higher towards your goal.  You feel a tremendous amount of self-satisfaction welling up inside.  And you smile widely as your accomplishments are noticed by those around you.

But then, in the blink of an eye, giant, juicy cheeseburgers come rolling down the mountain, smacking you in the face!  You try to resist their succulent forms, but you find yourself plummeting towards the ground!  You fall watching as your goals get further and further away, knowing that you have to start over once more.

…Yup, that’s how the pursuit of healthiness pans out for me.


Honestly, I don’t understand how anyone can maintain consistency when it comes to eating right and exercising.  Is it all will power or is there something else I’m missing?

I’ve never believed in New Year’s Resolutions, but this year I said, “Morgan, you need to stop messing around and get healthy!”  I actually think it was more of a coincidence that I decided to do it for the New Year (along with the fact that I’m a bit OCD about things being even…if that makes any sense at all).


Anyway, I wrote out the plan and put it all into action.  Since, I have a problem with the word “diet” (and all that it represents), I went more with the portion control approach.

This was actually pretty hard for me considering that my eyes are not bigger than my stomach.  In lamest terms, I can definitely “chow down.”  My friends and family constantly comment on my black hole of an appetite.

Soon, I was doing pretty well though.  I was drinking only water.  I wasn’t eating any fast food (though I was never raised to be a big fast food eater anyway).  I was eating fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.  And I was obsessed with counting calories for a period of time.

But food can be like a drug and the temptation to go for those high calorie treats are everywhere.  My will power is not always strong enough for it.

I feel like I’m constantly on this rollercoaster, going from eating healthy to giving in to my cravings for something “bad.”


And exercising is an even bigger challenge.  It takes even more will power to get up early to jog or force yourself to the gym after work.

I just want balance.  I want to be healthy without it feeling like it’s such a forced effort all the time.  That’s no way to live.

I’m counting on the fact that I’ll get to a point where it doesn’t feel quite as forced. Is there such a point?


I’ll end this post with this random question:

Are we still going by the food pyramid now-a-days?  


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2 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Healthiness

  1. You’ll get to tht point, I promise! It takes a lot of discipline and a lot of getting used to. You don’t want to deprive yourself, but you don’t want to go on an ice cream bender every week, either. You’ll find the balance–it just takes time.

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