Random Friday Question

How do you define a friend?

At what point does someone go from just being considered an associate to being your friend?

I’m honestly curious…

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Example:  Because of my little-moving-picture-doohickey, I think I’ll base my example off of Mean Girls (and because that movie’s AWESOME).  On Lindsay Lohan’s Cady’s first day of school, she met Janis Ian and Damian who tricked her into playing hookie from her health class (“don’t have sex, because you will get pregnant & die.”  Yeah, she missed a very important class period).

When Cady realized that they tricked her, she was scared of getting into trouble.  Janis responded by saying, “Why would we get you into trouble?  We your friends?” Or something along these lines.  Now I know this probably isn’t the best example, but would you be like:

“Sure, we’re friends even though we just met less than an hour ago in class…wait, what’s your name again?”   

But, all jokes asides.  What makes someone your friend?


3 thoughts on “Random Friday Question

  1. Real friends have your back and want you to succeed. Likewise, search “toxic personalities” and if this associate does not have any of those traits, you are good to go. Hope this helps you 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’ve met people with some of those “toxic personalities” and have done well to shy away from them.

      Sometimes I wonder if some people become a friend only based on circumstance. For instance, you’re close during an internship or something similar, but then after it’s over you don’t really talk anymore.

      1. I guess that’s how it goes. It all depends on how much both sides want to keep in touch afterwards. I also think it’s great that you know how to discern between quality people since you are defined by the people you hold dear into your private circle. I know when it comes to crafting friendships for some people, it’s all about survival, so making quick friendships at work, school, or even at the gym is a must. Also, keep in mind, there is a difference between a friend and a connection when it comes to interpreting if an acquaintance could fit in either roles. I think this is a great post, Morgan. It’s something we’ve all thought about when it comes to meeting new people.

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