Collective Minds

Minds warped By a mentality. By “the times.” ** New ignorance born, Just as the old ignorance dies. ** Right & wrong is subjective, Yet sits more firmly When the mob’s mind Sets it aflame. ** How else could Millions die By the will of one man, Who covers his people’s eyes, Whispering sweet words … More Collective Minds

Random Friday Question

How do you define a friend? At what point does someone go from just being considered an associate to being your friend? I’m honestly curious… Example:  Because of my little-moving-picture-doohickey, I think I’ll base my example off of Mean Girls (and because that movie’s AWESOME).  On Lindsay Lohan’s Cady’s first day of school, she met … More Random Friday Question

Newly Spring

Daisy Dukes, Dug out And Dusted off From the “spring/summer clothes” bin, Make their way up Freshly shaved legs.  *** Feet enthusiastic, As they come out of Hibernation, Revealing bright polished nails.  *** A Fall jacket is thrown, Quickly forgotten, Over a desk chair.  *** It weeps, Knowing that the closet Will be its prison … More Newly Spring