“Actually We’re the Grayest and the Blobiest”

A couple of years ago, I saw an episode of The Fairly Oddparents that really left an impression with me.  The episode was called, “The Same Game” and in it Timmy, the main character, kept getting teased by a mean dentist named Dr. Bender for having “horrible teeth.”

As Timmy became fed up with all the name calling (and the fact that Dr. Bender took his ball because he thought he was better than him), he made a wish.  He wished that everyone looked exactly the same.  Then Dr. Bender wouldn’t be able to tease him about his teeth or act superior.

As a result of this wish, everyone took the form of gray blobs.  But, Timmy soon realized that changing people’s physical appearance didn’t change their personalities.

When he spoke to Dr. Bender again, Timmy laughed and said, “You’re big, gray blobs just like me!” (Dr. Bender was with his son that’s why it’s plural)

To Timmy’s surprise, the dentist responded by saying, “Actually we’re the grayest and the blobiest”

So, despite the fact that everyone looked exactly the same, Dr. Bender still thought of himself (and his son) as a cut above the rest.

That brings me to this question.  If we all looked exactly the same, would the situation be the same as the one in Fairly Oddparents?  Or would there be no more discrimination based on appearance?

Well, I’d have to say that Fairly Oddparents got it right.  I’m sure, just like in the cartoon, people would find some way to still judge you based on your appearance.  There would still be people out there that thought they looked better than the person next to them (despite looking exactly the same).

In the cartoon, not only were the people gray, but EVERYTHING in this world Timmy wished for was gray (see clip below).  So, that meant no colors to help make them any different from anyone else.  However, if everyone really did turn into gray blobs, I think people would strive to look different.  Instead of everyone trying to meet some media created standard of perfection, people would try to stand out.

And as people began to look even a tiny bit different from the “gray blob norm”, the discrimination would truly begin.  It would be just as bad as it was before they all became gray blobs.  Sadly, that is the consequence people face when they stray from the “norm.”  There’s a price to being different, or rather, yourself.

For instance, in the episode, Timmy made a pink hat out of his mom’s casserole that had fell and turned pink.  He usually wore a pink hat in the show so it represented who he was in a sense.  Anyway, he was doing it to stand out so his fairies could find him and as soon as the other blobs saw him trying to be different, they turned on him.  Which is what we do now.


So, what do you think?  If we were all gray blobs living in a gray world, how do you think it would be?


4 thoughts on ““Actually We’re the Grayest and the Blobiest”

  1. This reminds me of the countries where the people are the same color but there are caste systems, religious persecution, etc., etc. I think we’re all just beasts. I’m sorry, I’m kind of cynical today. I enjoyed reading this though and it is food for thought. I like you using the cartoon as an analogy for that idea.

    1. No, you’re right! Our world is completely backwards in so many ways. Sometimes it’s hard for me to understand the thought process behind things like caste systems. When I first learned about the “untouchables” in middle school I was pretty appalled. Even when you died, your children and their children would be untouchables too. It was a never ending cycle that no one could escape.

      Even worse is realizing that things haven’t really changed that much, despite the times.

      Anywho, thank you! And I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Cartoons can teach some very important lessons (sometimes).

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