Dry Your Tears Everyone, I’m Back!

My title is definitely pure sarcasm since I doubt I have any subscribers who were going crazy due to my absence. Either way, I still feel bad for basically falling off the face of the Earth for more than a month. Somehow, not posting for a week because of the holidays turned into complete neglect. But now I’m BACK and more than happy to start writing for you all again. I also look forward to getting caught up with reading all the posts I’ve missed out on!

With that being said, here’s a little of what I’ve been up to in my absence. I plan to make a legitimate post sometime this weekend. Happy Friday!!:

Practiced my modeling face during the holidays with my cousins. I think we’d look perfect on a CoverGirl ad!
Ate my cousin’s lizard (shhhh….) 🙂
Saw Phantom of the Opera in NY with my friend (ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!)
Realized my favorite thing at OutBack Steakhouse was a zillion calories (and I can eat the whole rack). And that doesn’t even include the loaded bake potato I get with it! After seeing that I decided to, not diet, but do a bit of portion control with my eating.

Made cakepops for the first time with my best friend…well, I mostly did the eating part (Does this contradict the picture above, you ask? No, because I didn’t eat ALL of them. Portion control at its finest!)
Last night, my best friend and I attacked some Japanese food at this restaurant called Matsuri during Baltimore Restaurant Week. Don’t worry, she doesn’t really use chopsticks like that.


8 thoughts on “Dry Your Tears Everyone, I’m Back!

  1. Welcome back! Finding out your favorite dish has 1000+ calories is one of the saddest realizations you could possibly come to.

    Are those red velvet cake pops I see?

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