Crybaby, Crybaby!

I don’t know what the heck’s going on with me, but lately I’ve been such a crybaby when it comes to movies and shows.  It wasn’t too long ago when I could watch the most tragic, gut-wrenching death scene and not even feel the slightest urge to cry. And I’m talking “the works” as far … More Crybaby, Crybaby!


I’m awakened by the thuds of strange creatures, Small enough to have the quiet grace of a ballerina Yet heavy footed like ogres on a rampage, Looking for their next meal. *** Luck may bring me back to dreams, But then the banshee-like screams yank me out of my slumber again. *** Sometimes I miss … More Sleep-less

Can There Be Peace?

The first day of classes were always both exciting (no homework!) and filled with annoying repetition.  The professors wanted you to introduce yourself to the class, giving your name, major, and an “interesting” tidbit that would set you apart from the person next to you.  Every once in a while the professor would add a … More Can There Be Peace?


Butterflies stirring, Their delicate wings Lightly brushing Against the lining of my belly.  – Anxiety, Fear, Making them flutter to life, Out of their dormancy.  – The pounding Of my heart, The vigorous vibrations and sounds, Aid in Awakening the butterflies.  – Love, More of a sickness Than a fight or flight reaction, Causes them … More Hyperarousal

“Actually We’re the Grayest and the Blobiest”

A couple of years ago, I saw an episode of The Fairly Oddparents that really left an impression with me.  The episode was called, “The Same Game” and in it Timmy, the main character, kept getting teased by a mean dentist named Dr. Bender for having “horrible teeth.” As Timmy became fed up with all … More “Actually We’re the Grayest and the Blobiest”