Some Chick’s Out There Wearing My Face!!!

“You look familiar.”

“Have we met before?”

To these types of remarks I usually respond with a simple, “Oh, I get that a lot,” but at this point if I hear either of those again, I think I’m going to scream!

Recently there’s been a significant increase in the amount of people who’ve “seen me before.”  I used to think that I just had “one of those faces” (whatever that means), but now I’ve come to the conclusion that my doppelganger is somewhere in Maryland walking around with my face.


They say that everyone has someone out there that looks exactly like them.  What luck, that mine would be in the exact same state!  And I’m starting to think that she’s living in the same city as me too.  I live in Baltimore in the suburbs, but I think my doppelganger might be in the downtown area based on what people have said to me.

At first it was just a joke between my best friend and I, but I’m slowly starting to believe that I really do have a look-alike (and a popular one at that) roaming the streets of Baltimore.  I’ve even given her a name based on one of my encounters where a person thought they knew me.

One day, when I was downtown about to ride the escalators down to the Metro station, a man started yelling behind me.  He kept saying, “Tammy!  Tammy!”  Eventually, I realized he was talking to me and he asked, “Is your name Tammy?”  In my mind I was like, “Obviously not!  You were screaming loud as crap and I didn’t turn around!”  But from that day on, my friend and I regarded my doppelganger as Tammy.  And it was only the first among many incidents that led me to believe that “Tammy” lived in downtown Baltimore.

Another incident that gave me that impression happened about a week ago.  One of the maintenance men at work who I’ve talked to in passing said that I seemed familiar.  I could feel myself give a tight smile as he said it, but I gave my usual response of “I get that a lot.”  Despite my response, he asked if I lived in the city or if I ever had, as if he were trying to prove that I was this “familiar” person he remembered.

I’m honestly getting sick of saying the same thing every time this happens.  I think I might just start making up some off the wall stuff to say from now on.  Maybe next time I’ll say that I was cloned at birth for a social experiment.  My clone was taken to the city and I to the suburbs.  They did it to see how we would grow up based on our surroundings.  Sounds legit, right?  I’d have to make sure to say this with a completely straight face without the slightest inkling of it being a joke.

Anyway, now I’m on a mission to find this look-a-like.  It couldn’t be too hard if she truly does live in downtown Baltimore (the city really isn’t that big).

I wonder if she experiences the same thing as me.  Do people come up to her all the time saying she looks familiar?  Did anyone ever run up to her screaming, “Morgan!  Morgan!”?  For some reason, I doubt it would happen as often for her.  She seems to be much more popular than me if so many people think I’m her.


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