I Said I Wouldn’t Write About Christmas

IMG_1329-001I came home from work to see that the tree had already been put up.  It made me smile.


IMG_1326-001My mom finds the best ornaments.

IMG_1330-001These stockings are always somewhere new every year because they never want to stay put.

Usually around Christmas time I’m not particularly excited.  No…scratch that, I am excited but naturally it’s not the same excitement that I had as a child.  Those were the good days in my book, when you believed that the big man in red would come down the chimney (or based on my mom, the front door, since we didn’t have a chimney) after reading your Christmas list.

As an adult, Christmas is a bit more stressful.  Now you have to worry about getting your family and friends gifts without breaking the bank.  And I think everyone has those people who are impossible to shop for because they either already have everything or don’t seem to be interested in anything.  It truly takes creativity to come up with something unique year after year.

And I refuse to be the person who gives a gift that stays in its box, never used, until it’s eventually given away without them even remembering who gave it to them in the first place.  Whoa, that was a mouthful!

Despite, the stresses that come with Christmas, I’m actually very excited about the holidays this year.  I’ve already finished all my Christmas shopping, most of the presents are wrapped, and now I’m just counting down the days.

I think I’m particularly excited this year because I actually had money to buy what I really wanted to get for people.  I can’t wait to start giving everyone their gifts and (hopefully) see a genuine smile light up their faces.

I honestly don’t even care about what I’ll get because there’s nothing I want.  I don’t need the newest gadgets or a whole new wardrobe.  Sure, those things are nice, but as I get older they mean less and less.

What I truly appreciate about Christmas now is the time I get to spend with my family and friends (and that I get paid time off to do it).  This year, like many others, I’m going to spend time in Pennsylvania with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin.  And that’s something I look forward to even more than any gifts I may receive.


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