What Ifs: Part 1

“The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence”

As you read this post, I’d like you to keep this saying in mind.  The first time I heard it was on a show called Boondocks and I found it quite profound.  Why do we automatically default to thinking that something isn’t true just because there’s no evidence of it?  With Big Foot, leprechauns, faeries, and even God there is no tangible evidence of their existence.  We have no way to prove that they are real, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t either.

Now that I have a blog, I want to use it as a venue to finally get some of my thoughts written down (or in this case, typed).  I’m constantly thinking of what ifs and scenarios.  Most of these have to do with being able to fathom the unfathomable.  For instance, can you even wrap your mind around the idea of the universe being endless?  For me at least, it’s hard to imagine something simply never ending.  And I think that mindset has to do with the fact that practically everything around us has an end of some kind.

But I’m getting off subject, so I’ll start my “what ifs” here:

What If: Some of the incurable illnesses out there (such as the different types of cancers) already had known cures that weren’t revealed for the sake of the continued donation money different organizations/companies would receive?

Most people would think that such a theory was preposterous.  What kind of horrible, despicable person would withhold cures to terminal illnesses that kill millions yearly?

Well, though I can only hope that such a thing isn’t true, I have no reason to doubt the cruelty of mankind.  If you look at our history, it’s full of cruelty and death by the hands of other human beings.  The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the bloodshed in our history is the Holocaust.  I always think, “How was it ever even possible for something like that to happen?”  And the sad part is, it wasn’t the first genocide in the history of man nor will it be the last.

Besides that, I think of things like public displays of death (hangings, stoning, the guillotine), the Salem Witch Hunt (If you drown you’re human, but if you live you’re a witch…really?), and, you know, we can’t forget the everyday murderer.

These are all just a few examples of what we are capable of and only one of those examples didn’t involve a large group of people partaking in the cruelty.

With all that being said, there are definitely people out there who would take advantage of people’s suffering in order to make a profit.  And if these people have any kind of power, it’s just that much easier.

I told this theory to one of my friends and her response was, “Why would anyone do that?  The people who come up with the cure to breast cancer would be rich anyway.”  All I could say was, “We just don’t know.”

We don’t know if the money they’d get from finding the cure would trump the endless donations coming in from people trying to help the cause.  If people are donating money for a cause that is no longer in need of that money, there could be people out there pocketing all of it.

When I picture this, I automatically think of some evil villain like Dr. Evil on Austin Powers who’ll eventually be thwarted by their arch rival.  Of course I think of movies because I’d never want to truly believe this could happen.

We also don’t know the number of people who would benefit from the cure never being revealed.  For instance, when you donate money for a cause, usually 100% of that money isn’t going directly to the cause itself.  So, if a cure was found, some companies/organizations would be losing out on a profit.

There are definitely plenty of holes in such a theory, but every time I think of one, I go back to the fact that we just don’t know.  We everyday people can’t guarantee that nothing shady is happening, especially when powerful organizations/companies are concerned.

But, like I said, it’s not something I’d ever want to believe.


5 thoughts on “What Ifs: Part 1

  1. I don’t think your logic is that far off. Going back to adult swim, there was an episode of Family Guy where Carter Pewterschmidt (Lois’ Father) actually had the cure for cancer and withheld it simply for his own profit. I do not think it beyond the realm of possibility that a large pharma corporation would not release the cure simply due to the billions of dollars in research grants that companies conducting drug research receive. Knowing that a large portion of those grants is left over for the company’s operation, a good argument could be made that IF one of these companies actually discovered the cure, it would behoove them to keep it to themselves to keep the money flowing. Not to mention.

    1. It’s definitely a scary thought, but not impossible in the least. There’s so much we don’t know in regards to what happens behind the scenes in these companies.

      Oh and I never saw that episode of Family Guy before (which is surprising, considering how much I love that show). I’ll have to watch it now.

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