Funny/Embarrasing/Crazy Things My 9-Year Old Brother Has Said

*Man delivering food knocks on the door*


Delivery man: “…..I’m not Chinese”

Me: *facepalm*

Every time the doorbell rings, he has something embarrassing to say to the person behind it.


Me: “Do you even know what condiments are?”

Miles: “Something you use for sex?

Me: O_o

Why couldn’t he just know what condiments were?  Just…why?


*Playing DC Universe*

-Loading screen shows this picture-

Miles: *devious grin* They look like raindrops.

Me: (‘-_-)

From now on, you’re not allowed to look at the loading screen >_<


Me: “What are you gonna draw?”

Miles: “Me dancing to BOOTYWORK!”

Mom: “Nooooo….”

He drew it anyway, but we made him erase the lyrics he wanted to write next to it (as you may be able to see)

And just in case you haven’t heard the song, here’s it is:

Yup…this song is definitely appropriate (-_-)


Me: *Gives Miles Sparkling Cider bottle*

Miles: “Am I allowed to drink this?” O_O

Me: “Yeah! I bought it for you and Laila.”

Miles: *Runs to mom* “Mom! Can I drink this?”

The funny thing is, my mom thought I gave him alcohol too and had her “I’m about to yell at you” face on.  It’s just apple cider people!


Me: “Ready for your first day of school?”

Miles: “I’m not really going to school today.  I’m just practicing wearing my uniform for next week.”

 Don’t he look handsome? Gotta love this kid.


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