Ten to Six Blues

As I sit here at my desk at work, all I can think about is writing.  Ideas for my next blog post(s) fill my mind, making it hard to focus on data entry and what letter comes after “L” so I can file this folder.

Short story concepts have been yelling for my attention as well.  Because of this, my memo pad is full of a combination of meeting notes, random phone numbers and names from people calling the office, silly sketches on the corners of pages, and ideas that I quickly scribble down before I can forget.

The entire day I’m anxious to get home, sit down, and let the creative juices, that have been held in all day, flow.  But, instead, I get home around 6:30PM and do dishes, laundry, raid the kitchen for some kind of “dinner,” and get ready for the next day.

And, after that’s all done, somehow it’s 10 o’clock. 

All the ideas are like, “Okay, FINALLY, we can get your full attention :-)”

I yawn and say, “Eh, how about  tomorrow?  I’m really tired.”  My ideas respond with a sigh and in a small voice they say, “You said the same thing yesterday…and the day before.”

But I ignore them and go off into dreamland.

If it wasn’t for the weekends, it would be so much harder to get any writing done.  I always seem to be in the writing mood when I’m supposed to be doing something else.


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