Ralph the “Suicidal” Betta

I’ve come to realize that I quite enjoy writing in the perspective of animals.  Perhaps it has to do with the fact that no one can truly know how they think or what they think about.  It’s fun to give them a voice as if they were human and thought like us.  

This poem is about my dear fish Ralph.  Even though, he was a male betta (which are known to be aggressive), I’m pretty sure that he hated my guts.  Whenever I got anywhere near his bowl, he would immediately puff out his cheeks and wouldn’t stand down until I was far away from him (the betta at work is so docile in comparison). 

He also did a lot of things that implied that he either wanted to die or simply wanted to escape.  But I’ll let the poem explain that part.

(Is it bad that these last two post have been about death?  Oh well…)


Cheeks puffed,

Fins waving,

Slowly approaching this creature

With an idle threat.

Amused it was,

Knowing I could do it no harm

While behind this invisible prison.

I yearned to be free,

Even if that meant death.

It had to be better than

A life alone

Trapped in a watery dome,

Fake things sitting at the bottom.

The shark,

At first,

I thought was real.

I wanted it to take me

From this hell.

It didn’t approach,

So I sat in its mouth,

But its mouth never closed.

The creature sometimes

Took me from my home forcefully;

Some weird ritual of sorts.

I tried to jump once,

To let air fill me to death.

I was so close to being free,

But the creature threw me back to the water.

It wanted me to suffer;

It wasn’t done with its torture.

One day

Something new

(And fake)

Entered my home.

It was too big


With hardly any room to swim,

I got stuck.

I was suffocating;

Slowly dying.

I could not surface

To get the little air

 I needed.

The creature certainly was a cruel one;

Torturing me till the end.

But finally I could

Be free.

R.I.P Ralph

Hopefully you didn’t really think of me or life like my poem described


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