75,000 Outages in Maryland [Hoping I’m Not 75,001]

Ipad, Iphone, and Kindle charged up…Check! Batteries…Check! Flashlight, uh where the hell is that thing!  Crap, my book light will have to do for now.
As I sit in my bedroom, with repetitive news stories regarding the storm playing in the background, I prepare for the inevitable…my power going out.  My brother just told me that his girlfriend’s power went out and she lives right down the street.  Oh, and if you need some context, this is regarding the lovely Hurricane Sandy who decided to pay the East Coast of the U.S a visit.

Mother Nature will pretty much always win in the fight against technology. Just think, a bit of wind gust at a mere 90mph (definitely being sarcastic if you can’t tell) can blow down a power line and have us in a sense of complete distress.  No lights, no television, no internet, no hot water, no way to cook food (which sucks because everything in the refrigerator will go bad), nothing…

I can only hope that the power doesn’t go out this time, troubling us until BGE gets to our neighborhood (which sometimes takes days).  Either way, I have my books to keep me company…oh yeah, and my family too.

Be safe fellow East Coasters!


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