3 Things Commercials Teach Us

1. Anything Can Be Sexualized

This one is a given, I suppose, but it’s crazy how many non-sexy things get sexualized.  I can understand the Victoria’s Secret and Axe commercials more so then the car commercials (like the ones for the Fiat) and other random commercials (like the one for Liquid-Plumr Double Impact that had me raising a brow).  One of my favorites was taken off of the air.  It was a Quiznos commercial that had some “interesting” innuendos.  Below, you’ll see three of the commercials that I’m referring to.

Official Liquid-Plumr Double Impact 

Say It Sexy-Quiznos 

Fiat 500 Abarth 


2. Men Are Stupid

For some reason I never noticed that men were portrayed as idiots in most commercials until I took a gender studies class in College, where the issue was brought up.  Now I can’t help but notice it all the time.  The man is always the one who does something dumb and the woman is the savior who makes everything right again.  Sometimes the man is even downgraded to the level of a child.  It’s quite insulting really.  I’ll let the commercials below speak for themselves.

Hanes Better-fitting Socks

Clorox Wipes-Dinner

Oscar Mayer Selects Cold Cuts


3. Women LOVE cleaning

Obviously, as a woman, I LOVE cleaning.  In fact, whenever I clean (and when am I not) you’ll find me dancing around the house with a big smile plastered across my face….yeah, right!  I’m sorry, but some of these commercials go TOO FAR with how excited women get over the latest cleaning products.  Yes, I know it’s a commercial and they have to make you want it, but things like this are what keep us stuck in our gender roles.  You might say “whoa, it’s just a commercial…chill,” but when I see them, I think of those ads for cleaning products and appliances from the 50’s.  Like the ones where the woman is cleaning with a big smile on her face, wearing heels and a pretty dress.

Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop



2 thoughts on “3 Things Commercials Teach Us

  1. Superb comment – really good article for media studies/semiotics. Funny t times – and sadly, very true about how men and women are portrayed in advertising. True and unfortunately effective, judging from experience.

    1. Thank you! It really is a shame that these are the types of advertisements we gravitate to and that they successfully sells us products/services. Gender is very interesting when it comes to advertising because it shows where society is at the moment and how men and women are seen within it (but let me stop there, subjects like this tend to have me rambling).

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