“Not a Good Day” is an Understatement-Part 2 of 2

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to post anything on Sunday as promised.  Anyway, here’s the second part of my short story.  It’s not completely finished; there’s a lot more I want to add to it, but I wanted to give you the skeleton of how it would end.  Enjoy!  And if you didn’t read the first part yet, click here <—-


I hadn’t realized it before, but I was the only one still standing in the street like an idiot as the two freaks went at each other.  The woman pulled my arm and I let her lead the way as we escaped from danger.  We ran about five blocks then made our way underground to the subway.  I was a bit skeptical about being underground while Spiderman and Doc Ock fought above us.  Even though we were pretty far away from them now, I could only imagine what would happen if they somehow smashed through the ground.  As if sensing my fears the woman put a hand on my shoulder and said, “It’ll be alright, we’ll be taking the train in the opposite direction, away from all the fighting.”

I just nodded and let her drag me onto the train that arrived right on cue.   We managed to find two empty seats next to each other despite it being rush hour.  She was still holding my hand when we sat down and I noticed that it was shaking.  I squeezed it to comfort her and she instantly let go of my hand.

“Sorry about that,” she said embarrassed.

“No…don’t be,” I replied awkwardly.

We sat in silence after that, both looking in opposite directions.

Then, I felt her looking at me and she smiled when I met her gaze.  She wiped at my shoulders and grainy pieces of rock fell from them.  My Armani suit was covered in it and I grunted, shaking my head.  This was yet another thing I could add to my check list.  Armani suit ruin…Check!

“Do you think this will be normal to us one day?  Coming on the subway covered in debris because yet again something was going on in New York.”

She laughed without humor, “Maybe one day this will be so common that we won’t be excused from work because of it.”

“No, it can’t get that bad,” I said more to myself then to her.

“Can’t it?” she replied back grimly, as she pushed herself up from her seat.

My hand caught hers unconsciously and she raised a brow in question.

“Umm…this is my stop.”

“Oh,” I said, and quickly added “Let me walk you home then.”

She shook her hand, “It’s alright, it seems like a lot of the trouble happens in the city.  I’m sure I’ll be okay walking to my house. Plus I don’t want you to use more money to get back on the subway”

“Don’t worry about any of that.  I just want to make sure you get home safety.”

She scratched her head nervously, “Uh sure, why not?”

“It’s okay if you don’t want to,” I threw in there.  I wasn’t trying to force her into anything.

She grinned, “No really, that’d be great.”

The door opened and I followed her off the train.  Her house was about a 10 minute walk from the stop and we spent the whole time talking about any and everything.  I really enjoyed talking to her and I realized that she was very beautiful to top it off.  I hadn’t really paid attention at first.  I was too consumed with thoughts of Spiderman and Doc Ock.  Now I could truly admire her mahogany skin, the loose curls that fell to her neck, her light brown eyes and that gorgeous smile.

As we arrived at her door, I boldly asked if I could see her again sometime soon.  She smiled, went in her purse to grab a pen and scribbled her number onto my hand.  I smiled at her.

“You couldn’t find a piece of paper in that giant bag,” I teased, “What if I wash it off by mistake.”

She shrugged, “If you really want to see me again, you won’t.”

I gave her a hugged, not really giving her a choice, “Thank you for earlier.”

She hugged back, “Don’t mention it.”

I waited for her to be in the house before I left.  I was feeling higher than life walking back to the subway stop.  Even though I didn’t know where I was, wore a ruined Armani suit, and had no car and perhaps no job either, I felt great.  At that moment, I had no bad feelings towards Spiderman or his enemies.  I had to hold on to this moment and hope that tomorrow would be a better day.


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