Hotel Transylvania

This weekend has been an awesome one for my brother and sister.  First, we went to the Book Festival in downtown Baltimore, then the movies.  It might sound bad, but I needed them as an accessory to go see Hotel Transylvania.  I didn’t want to see a kids movie without some kids hanging around (even though they cost me an arm and a leg).  My mom was thrilled about her freedom both days and was gone by the time I got home.  But I digress…

The movie was fantastic! And that’s saying something since I’m pretty picky about my kids movies.  The previews don’t really tell you much about the plot so I’ll just clarify that a bit.  It’s about a hotel that Dracula built to protect his daughter, Mavis, from the outside world and human contact.  On Mavis’ 118th birthday, when a lot of different monsters gather at the hotel to celebrate, a human finds his way to the castle.  And…well, I’ll just let you guess what happens from there.

For the most part, kids movies don’t exactly have astonishing or surprising plot lines, which is why they have to be spot on with the funny for both kids and adults.  This movie definitely met my expectations when comedy was concerned!  I particularly appreciated some of the jokes they made concerning the myths behind “monsters” like Dracula.  [JOKE SPOILER]  One of my favorites is when the human, Jonathan, asked if a wooden stake to the heart would kill Dracula and he said, “Yeah, but who wouldn’t that kill.”

So, if you have kids or basically are a big kid (like me), this is a must see!  I didn’t even realize how many celebrities were in the movie, but here’s a few if you’re interested:

  • Adam Sandler
  • Selena Gomez
  • CeeLo Green
  • David Spade

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